Gewahlt is a flooring manufacturing company focusing on premium quality laminate flooring. With over 10 years of producing laminate flooring in various types, styles, and colors, Gewahlt is well-known for these three special collections: Wooden Star, Winton, and Eco Floor

According to EPLF - European Producers of Laminate Flooring - 21 ordinary members of the EPLF now distribute around 460 million square meters of flooring produced in Europe to various countries around the world each year. Around 78% of the laminate flooring marketed around the world is produced in Western Europe and the top production country is Germany. Germany produces 40% of the laminate floorings produced globally (followed by China - 11% and North America and France - 8% each).

In terms of quality, laminate floorings manufactured in Germany have been rated premium and therefore have the largest sales in the global market. Gewahlt is proud to manufacture some luxury and unique collections in Germany for consumers around the world.


Quality, Responsibility, and Commitment
Sustainability, high resilience, responsibility towards resources, and preserving nature and environment are binding values to which Gewahlt group and its staff are committed. These terms are fully reflected in Gewahlt’s products produced and traded. The rules to success in the market are not just providing a high-quality product, but it needs to build a good customer experience and commit to it. 

Making it simple, we believe our customers shouldn’t have to get stuck through loops and waste their time and money to get what they want. That’s our job to search and investigate their needs and produce the desired product; a unique product, both quality-wise and beauty-wise. We’re here to receive your requirements when you need us. Tell us what services you need in order to redecorate your home. We will provide you with the right service, to create a warm and welcoming work and home environment for you.

What is worth the cost?

You surely agree with us that quality is worth the cost. A premium quality laminate flooring is worth the amount you pay for it. Durability, astonishing beauty, environmental and high health standards, easy to install, and up to date color and patterns, these are the things that a premium laminate flooring brings for you. It is true, to choose laminate floorings, that there are always many choices available in the market; but creating a sense of satisfaction in customers is the topmost goal. To achieve this goal, we, the Gewahlt team, believe that producing premium quality product along with giving good services is the best.