Wooden Star

Wooden Star is a laminate flooring collection with a history of nearly 10 years in the market. This collection's color codes are updated every year according to customers' tastes and suggestions. The product is of very high quality, and to prove this claim, it has passed the SGS tests at various stages successfully.

Wooden Star laminate floors’ abrasion class is AC4 and the HDF density is valued as 920. This collection is designed to be used with floor heating installments. The plank’s clicks are impregnated with a special profile seal to protect the connection system against moisture. The thickness of this collection is 12 mm. Detailed specifications of length, width, and unit per pack are as follow.


0 120


Wooden Star - WS810


Wooden Star - WS811


Wooden Star - WS812


Wooden Star - WS813


Wooden Star - WS814